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ridoChildren's of Minnesota offers radiology procedures conveniently located on three campuses, where we do more than 100,000 procedures every year. Our medical equipment is tailored to fit children, and our staff is trained and experienced to care for the special physical and emotional needs of children.

Pediatric procedures we offer include scans, fluoroscopy, interventional radiology, MRIs, nuclear medicine, CT's, sedation and anesthesia services, ultrasounds, x-rays and most recently DEXA scans.

No matter the procedure, our goal at Children's is to provide your child with a child-friendly environment. Our technologists take the time to talk to your child about the procedure and answer questions. Our pediatric radiologists are also available for questions about your child's exam.

Safety is a top priority at Children's, and we have many safeguards in place. For example, we place an identification band on your child, and the technologist performing the exam checks your child's identification band and asks questions about your child's exam. Further, every effort is made to use the least amount of radiation necessary for an exam.

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Review our general information section written for parents of children who will have a radiology test at Children's. This section provides questions and answers, as well as tips and support resources to help you and your child prepare for a radiology test.

Child Life can make your child's visit a positive experience

Child Life specialists at Children's help make every child's health care experience a positive one. They work with children and adolescents to minimize the stress children can feel during hospital stays or visits to the clinics, emergency rooms, radiology, or surgery areas. This is a free service to patients and families. Please call Child Life if you would like a specialist to help you and your child prepare for a radiology test.

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ridSedation options for a radiology test

Some of our procedures require sedation; others offer elective sedation options. Our radiology staff will call you if sedation is required or recommended. If you elect sedation for your child, your provider must order sedation when scheduling the radiology procedure.

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