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The pharmacy team at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota includes more than 120 trained professionals with expertise in neonatal and pediatric critical care, cardiovascular critical care, inpatient and outpatient hematology and oncology, epilepsy, and general and emergency medicine, among other fields.

Children's pharmacy team includes:

  • Licensed pharmacists, experts in mixing and filling prescription medications and helping make sure patients understand how to take them
  • Pharmacy technicians, friendly assistants you'll spot in our on-site pharmacies, busily helping our pharmacists fill your child's medications
  • Hematology/oncology pharmacists, who are trained in preparing and planning treatments for cancer and blood disorders
  • Pharmacotherapy specialists, who have had additional training in medication safety
  • Nutrition support pharmacists, who are trained to care for patients who need extra nutritional support, such as parenteral nutrition (a solution put right into the bloodstream)
  • Neonatal pharmacists, experts in treating premature infants
  • Pediatric intensive care unit pharmacists, who specialize in preparing medications for children in the intensive care unit
  • Emergency medicine pharmacists, who are specifically trained to treat patients in the emergency room

Keep your eyes peeled for Children's pharmacist-in-chief

If you're visiting one of our on-site pharmacies, be sure to keep an eye out for Diane Alexander, PharmD, director of the pharmacy department.

See below for a list of the pharmacists at Children's. (Click on their names to read their profiles.)

Diane M. Alexander, PharmD
Arthur Allen, RPh
Charlet A. Allen, RPh
Bethel T. Anderson, PharmD
Claire M. Babcock, PharmD
Tom J. Bengel, RPh
Michael C. Bjorneberg, RPh
Jeff S. Bouman, PharmD
Bill F. Bunzli, PharmD
Patricia J. Callahan, PharmD
Amy R. Commers, PharmD
Raylesha S. Creighton-Lewis, PharmD
Alicia A. Engbrecht, PharmD
Joan K. Erickson, RPh
Heather M. Fahey, PharmD
Alexandra M. Fife, PharmD
Samuel D. Fine, RPh
Neal J. Fleming, PharmD
Amy M. Gisslen, PharmD
Tyler J. Golembiewski, PharmD
Steven P. Grapentine, PharmD
Mary C. Gustafson, PharmD
LuAnn M. Hakel, RPh
Craig D. Hansen, PharmD
Kyle J. Heller, PharmD
Mary E. Hendricks, RPh
David S. Hoff, PharmD
Lynn M. Jasperson, PharmD
Chelsey J. Jensen, PharmD
Paul D. Jensen, PharmD
Jill M. Johnson, PharmD
Lucy H. Johnson, RPh
Deborah A. Kershaw, PharmD
Hyun Joo Kim, PharmD
Heather J. Knoop, PharmD
Rita G. Knudson, RPh
Polina G. Lipnik, PharmD
Jennifer R. Lissick, PharmD
Megan G. Ma, PharmD
Teresa M. Mansur, PharmD
Michele M. Marshall, PharmD
Kim L. Maxa, PharmD
Katie L. Meyers, PharmD
Debra J. Mosnik, RPh
Kati R. Munson, PharmD
Coleen R. Nelson, PharmD
Erin E. Neumann, PharmD
Lisa B. Nicklay, RPh
Kathryn S. Nippert, PharmD
Avni A. Novotny, PharmD
Susan M. Oji, RPh
Luke R. Palmer, PharmD
Julie A. Palmquist, RPh
Natalie A. Pavek, PharmD
Elizabeth A. Place, PharmD
Catherine A. Pokorny, PharmD
Emily M. Price, PharmD
Larry L. Richter, RPh
Tamim A. Saidi, PharmD
Aaron O. Schmidt, PharmD
Dianna T. Seng, PharmD
Amy E. Simons, PharmD
Ted D. Simper, PharmD
Laura B. Smith, PharmD
Nancy L. Sommers, PharmD
Tressy K. Spiess, PharmD
Lisa M. Stay, PharmD
Juliet K. Strahl, RPh
Jonathan D. Swanson, PharmD
Jessica L. Taylor, PharmD
Lisa M. Tollefson, PharmD
Lane K. Toring, PharmD
Ellen M. Worlund, PharmD
Maria L. Zarambo, PharmD
Rob B. Zupancich, PharmD
Hae Jin Cho, PharmD
Komal A. Patel, PharmD
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