Children's surgery teams have delivered award-winning care to thousands of infants, children, and adolescents throughout the upper Midwest.

For outcomes and program information about specific types of surgery, visit the surgical specialty page that applies to your child.

To review more outcomes data from Children's, visit Children's outcomes section on the web. Below, review outcomes data about overall surgical care at Children's:

Surgery Outcomes: Volumes 

At Children's, we believe that our pediatric expertise, accomplished staff members, and high patient satisfaction has helped our surgery program steadily grow. Each year, the number of patients served, hours spent in surgery, and number of surgical procedures increases.

Surgery Outcomes: Patient Satisfaction

Questions posed to family members of patients receiving surgery care at Children's – Minneapolis or Children's – St. Paul

  • Pre-op instructions were adequate. 92.8
  • I had confidence and trust in the doctors treating my child. When I had important questions about my child to ask a doctor, I received answers I could understand. 95.2
  • My child's doctors were courteous. 88.1
  • My child's doctors were available. 99.0
  • I had confidence and trust in the nurses treating my child. 95.5
  • My child's nurses were courteous. 90.2
  • My child's nurses were available. 98.8
  • The doctor who performed my child's procedure answered my questions about the procedure in a way I could understand. 92.2
  • After my child's surgery, the surgeon spoke with me promptly. 91.5
  • My privacy was maintained during my visit. 92.6
  • I was involved in decisions about my child's care as much as I wanted. 92.2
  • Overall, my child received enough pain medicine. 93.0
  • The staff did everything they could to control my child's pain. 93.3
  • I was told who to call with questions or concerns about caring for my child. 97.2
  • I had enough say about my child's care. 97.9
  • During my stay, I was not treated differently from other families based on my race, ethnicity, culture, religion, or primary language. 97.4
  • I feel I was welcome at Children's. 96.7
  • The staff showed genuine care and compassion for me and my family. 92.9
  • I trust this hospital to take good care of my child. 94.5
  • I'd recommend this hospital to my family and friends. 91.3