For Health Professionals

Rapid Response Team Film Discussion Guide

1. Think back to a time you were caring for a patient who was deteriorating:

a) How did you discern that the patient might be having trouble? Was it the “numbers” (Vital Signs, Labs, Monitors) that alerted you that something was wrong, or intuition (gut feeling)?

b) Is intuition that something is going wrong with a patient an acceptable reason to ask for help?

c) How long is it OK to do a “watchful wait” when you sense that a patient is deteriorating?

d) How much of the care we provide is based on science and how much is based on other ways of knowing?

2. We hear about having patients and families as our partners in care.

a) What does this mean to you?

b) How does having an engaged family help you deliver better care?

c) c) What would you do if a family asked you to call for the Rapid Response Team?

3. Think back to a time when you wanted to voice an opinion, request help, or ask a question but didn’t.

a) What about the situation caused you to remain silent?

b) Was there anything that anyone could have done to get you to speak up?

c) What advice would you give to a new colleague about asking for help?

4. Did watching the video trigger any new thinking about how to manage a deteriorating patient situation? Think about the culture of where you work:

a) Does the culture allow nurses to support physicians and physicians to support nurses?

b) Is asking for help with a patient an OK thing to do? Why or Why Not?