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Deeya - Perinatal Hospice Program

Deeya is a Sanskrit word meaning a small light. Every pregnancy is different. For some mothers and babies, it’s smooth sailing. Others travel a more difficult road. All parents must make decisions regarding their baby’s care. But for parents whose unborn child is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, the questions are harder to answer.

Children’s Perinatal Hospice Program offers help. We bring together a variety of services to help parents find answers that are right for them. Families may choose any of the services that fit their needs.

We offer medical, emotional, and spiritual support to families anticipating that life-threatening conditions exist for their unborn child. We walk with families through pregnancy, labor, birth, and bereavement—showing dignity and importance to all life.

On March 13, 2007, The New York Times featured the Perinatal Hospice Program at Children's in an article chronicling the decisions families make when turning to specialized hospice programs - like Children's Deeya program - for support. A brief video, with commentary from the coordinator of the Pain and Palliative Care program at Children's, Jody Chrastek, accompanies the article.

Our Services


  • Individualized sessions will provide preparation for labor, birthing options, relaxation and breathing techniques as well as information specific to your needs.
  • Creating birth plans often helps parents gain insight into experiences you value. It also is a way for staff to understand your desires and needs more clearly.

Emotional Support

  • Connections to community-support networks.
  • A social worker is available to help parents cope and adjust and, as well, be a resource for other concerns.
  • A child life specialist specially trained to work with children can address your questions and concerns about how to help your children cope with a family death. This staff also. They are in a position to understand your unique and often confusing experience.

Spiritual Support

  • Help you find support within your own belief system.
  • Offer chaplain visits in the home or hospital.
  • Identify rituals that may be comforting.

Clinical Support

  • Coordination of care with your perinatal providers.
  • Specialized home care for families who are able and choose to take their baby home with a smooth transfer to Karuna or Hospice program at home.

For More Information

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  • Abbott Northwestern Hospital (612) 863-5575
  • United Hospital (651) 241-6206