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Home-Based Hospice Care

Some diseases and conditions cannot be cured. But there is always something more we can do. Hospice focuses on living fully and comfortably when aggressive therapies are no longer helpful.

It provides medical, psychosocial, and spiritual support for the child’s family and community.

Our Hospice Services Include:

  • Nursing visits. Nurses are on call 24/7.
  • Education to families and children regarding all of the choices available to them, and support as plans are developed
  • A team approach to pain and symptom management
  • A multi-disciplinary team to provide support and assistance to children, parents, and families
  • Collaboration with schools, friends, faith communities, and health care facilities

Children’s offers home-centered hospice care for children and their families. Our hospice program is the only licensed hospice in the state of Minnesota that focuses solely on children. We also are a JCAHO-certified hospice provider.

In their own words:

“The hospice team enabled us to pick what was best for our family and our very ill son.” Lynda, mother of Max

“We are not giving up hope for the child, and we are not trying to persuade the family to give up hope. But hope is shifting. Along with hoping for a cure and a long life, we’re hoping for peace, for freedom from pain, for some very good days, for families coming together around this child.” Stacy Remke, Social Worker, Pediatric Hospice