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Plymouth girl faces cancer with grace, determination

At first blush, Justice Jackson comes off as being shy and reserved. With more investigation, you quickly realize that it’s just her polite and respectful nature and it masks an accomplished young woman who recently fought cancer head-on.

Justice, 17, was diagnosed with a form of ovarian cancer in January. She underwent three sessions of chemotherapy, each session lasting about five days, under the care of her primary doctor, Kris Ann Schultz, MD. She currently has no additional chemo sessions planned.

Her mother, Regina Lester, talked about her daughter in loving terms.

“She really is quite amazing. She handled the whole thing a lot better than I did,” Regina said. “While I was emotional and scared, I never once saw Justice cry, never. She just put her head down and worked her way through all the scans, needles and chemo. At the same time, she continued to help around home and work. She just did it, and I am so proud of her.”

Her accomplishments aren’t limited to her role as a patient. She also is a top student and athlete and was able to maintain relative normalcy throughout her treatments. She attends Armstrong High School in Plymouth, where she participates in swimming.

There’s mutual admiration and love between this mother-daughter duo. That love extends to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota and the care they received there.

“We love Children’s and everything that they have done for us,” Regina said. “They took such good care of all of us. They explained everything and had a plan to get Justice through it. We are so thankful that Children’s came into our lives.”

In addition to Dr. Schultz, Justice noted one of her nurses, Tammy, as someone who was a positive influence on her.

“Tammy was great,” Justice said. “She took the time to play puzzles with me, encourage me and just be there when I had questions. I really appreciated that.”

It’s hard to say exactly what life has in store for Justice. No doubt, there are big things ahead for this outstanding young woman who her mother calls “incredibly strong, both physically and emotionally.” We hope the world is ready because Justice definitely is going to make it a better place.