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After summer off, Gavin faces next challenge with a smile

By Nicole Pierson

It has been eight months since Gavin has been in the hospital. Yes, you read that right, eight whole months. This has allowed for an amazing time of healing and the opportunity for Gavin to focus on so much more than his brain tumor. He spent his summer vacation doing things that 8-year-olds should do, like playing baseball for The Miracle League!

He also took advantage of his grandma’s pool and learned a few new tricks. He is now a pro at swimming in the deep end, doing cannonballs and flips underwater (both forward and backward, he would point out). As a family, we had bonfires, went canoeing and buried treasure at Pancake Island during our Fourth of July celebration.

After two years filled with nearly constant appointments, scans and procedures, we decided to take the summer off and provide Gavin with a much-needed reprieve. He desperately needed the break. Because he is medically stable and doing well, Gavin’s medical team agreed that giving him a summer away would be good. When considering his treatment, I am so thankful that Gavin’s team understands the whole child and that they realize medicine comes in many forms.

Throughout his time off, Gavin stayed on Palbociclib, a targeted therapy which is in pill form. At the end of August, he had a 3T MRI and PET scan to look closely at the tumor and help his medical team plan for his next ablation surgery. The MRI showed stability of Joe Bully, with no urgent concerns. From that appointment, we set up his third laser ablation procedure, which took place this past Thursday with Dr. Joseph Petronio. Less than 48 hours post-op, Gavin had tons of energy with minimal soreness. He felt so good he spent the weekend playing in a leaf pile, surfing the Web and challenging his little brother, Gage, to games on Xbox; his ability to bounce back is a testament to how minimally invasive the Visualase procedure is on its patients!

Four days after surgery and Gavin is back at school today, and that is music to our ears. Due to his tumor and multiple surgeries, Gavin previously had lost the ability to read. Only a year ago, he had to relearn letters. But today is different. Now, Gavin is attending school full time as a third-grader at Ramsey Elementary, and he continues to make huge gains in reading and spelling. On the day of the surgery, he was spelling the words from his spelling test. This weekend, he read his Spider-Man chapter book.

Gavin’s doing well in math, too, scoring high in data and geometry. After missing 17 months of school and undergoing multiple brain surgeries, this is something to celebrate! Gavin’s strength in fighting Joe Bully is allowing him to fight all of the other side effects as well. He amazes us every day.

With Gavin’s third laser ablation surgery now securely behind us, we are relieved, but we still have so many mixed emotions. We know that we have to keep fighting, yet we have enjoyed his summer off so much that we are hesitant to re-enter a schedule full of procedures rather than swim dates. As always, we keep marching on. General Gavin is ready for the next phase of this battle. His soldiers are behind him, but he is leading the army.

Nicole Pierson of Ramsey, Minn., is the mother of 8-year-old Gavin Pierson, who is the first child in the U.S. with a mature teratoma brain tumor to undergo Visualase laser treatment.