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Meet Abbey

blog.mighty.meetabbeyWhen exploring the impact of supporting a child’s tomorrow, we went straight to the source: our patients. We asked several to share how Children’s has played a role in their life today, and what they look forward to in their tomorrow. This is what we learned.

Name: Abbey

Age: 6

Hometown: Minneapolis

Born five weeks early and with myriad medical issues, Abbey has been a patient at Children’s since birth. At age 4, she underwent open heart surgery to correct a potential life-threatening defect. She continues to visit our rehab clinic on a regular basis.

When Abbey grows up, she wants to be a ballet dancer because being a ballet dancer would be awesome (OR because she’s great at turning and leaping).

Abbey loves everything about Children’s, especially the rehab gyms where she has gotten to know several of the therapists and staff.

Meet Abbey, future ballerina from Children’s of Minnesota on Vimeo.