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First-year nonprofit raises more than $62,000 for Children’s pain clinic

Cyclehealth presents money raised to Children's
Cyclehealth presents money raised to Children’s

The new pain clinic at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is the beneficiary of a generous group of kids.

CycleHealth, a first-year, Minnesota-based nonprofit, raised $62,800 with its first annual BreakAway Kids Tri at Lake Elmo Park Reserve in August. Four hundred forty-six kids competed in the triathlon (swim, bike, run), with 126 children raising money for Children’s.

Members of CycleHealth’s Kid Advisory Panel, which is comprised of the group’s top fundraisers, chose Children’s as its charity partner. A check was presented to Children’s for the Kiran Stordalen and Horst Rechelbacher Pediatric Pain, Palliative and Integrative Medicine Clinic at an awards banquet Monday night in Minneapolis.

The clinic, named after late Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher and his wife and business partner, who donated $1.5 million for the project, is scheduled to open in January at Children’s – Minneapolis.

“We wanted to be involved in a local venture,” Tony Schiller, chief motivator for CycleHealth, said of his organization. “The premise was that we’d go out and ask corporate sponsors and friends in the community to help create a new cycle of health in America by impacting kids and motivating them to do lifelong sports like running, biking, swimming – and raising money for charities. It’s not just about crossing a finish line, but serving.”

There are three spokes to the CycleHealth mission wheel: attitude, adventure and significance. Attitude represents the importance of how you think; adventure incorporates fun with fitness; and significance stresses that kids can inspire communities to solve big problems.

“We want to promote a love for sport and movement and to be healthy, as well as a kindness of heart and serving kids,” Schiller said.

Zack Novak, 11, of Minneapolis, participated in the first annual CycleHealth BreakAway Kids Tri and raised money for Children's.
Zack Novak, 11, of Minneapolis, participated in the first annual CycleHealth BreakAway Kids Tri and raised money for Children’s.

“The part that’s unique and attractive about CycleHealth is they believe in the power of kids,” said Jenna Weidner, 16, of Minnetonka, who raised $3,200 and has been fundraising for various charities since she was 8. “A lot of people are afraid to bring kids into it because of the perceived chaos, but kids are an untapped group with a lot of potential.”

CycleHealth plans to run educational, fitness and motivational programs through world-class, adventure-based events that benefit a charitable partner. Goals for the 2015 event to support the clinic include significant increases in overall participants, fundraising kids, and dollars raised.

“It was an incredible experience. Even if you didn’t win the race, it felt like you did,” said Zack Novak, 11, of Minneapolis, who raised more than $1,600 and is a member of the Kid Advisory Panel. “You feel like you did something for a purpose.”

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