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Family thankful for care infant daughter received at Children’s

The following is a letter to Children’s Minnesota from Jason and Beth Marincel, father and mother of patient Khloe Marincel, and Kyri, Khloe’s sister.

Dear Children’s,

Blog.mighty.meetkhloeI am writing to you on behalf of our family’s outstanding experience we had while our infant daughter, Khloe, was hospitalized at Children’s Minnesota’s Infant Care Center (ICC) in Minneapolis from July 9 to Aug. 16. Typically a lot of people wouldn’t consider a six-week hospital stay as a pleasant experience; however, to our family, this stay couldn’t have been any better except the fact we were split apart.

When this journey began July 9, we could say this was the scariest thing we have had to encounter as a family. Within a few hours of arriving in the Emergency Department, a solution was found to Khloe’s issue, and we immediately were comforted by several nurses and doctors that Khloe was in the best place.

Even though Khloe couldn’t get into surgery until July 11, we knew your staff was doing as much as it could to make sure our family’s needs were met. Prior to surgery, your staff thoroughly explained the procedure and recovery process for Khloe. As parents not knowing what to expect, we found that their explanation of the surgery very comforting and gave us confidence about the type of care Khloe would be receiving at your hospital.

Q4_mighty_buttonKhloe’s recovery time seemed to take forever due to a few setbacks. But, even when there was a setback, your staff was on top of it and already had a plan of action to take to get her quickly back on the path to recovery. When these setbacks seemed to get us down, your staff reassured us that these setbacks weren’t anything major and Khloe would be back on track before we know it.

There wasn’t a day that went by where a nurse didn’t ask what we needed or a surgeon didn’t clarify/explain Khloe’s progress. When it came time for Khloe to be discharged, we felt it was a bittersweet moment. We were excited the moment had finally arrived, but Beth had to fight herself from crying because of the extraordinary hospitality and service we received during Khloe’s stay. Your staff was professional and friendly and knew exactly how to make us feel welcome and at “home” even though we were two hours from our home and family in Rice Lake, Wis.

This kind of experience wouldn’t be easy for any family, but if a family were given a choice of where their child can receive the best service, we would definitely direct them your way! We are truly grateful for all your staff did to make us feel welcome in this chapter of our lives and the dedication they provided Khloe to make her stronger!  We are proud to inform all of you that Khloe weighs little more than 9 pounds (a number we hadn’t seen yet!), back to rolling over (as she did before being admitted) and smiling and talking more than ever! She has had one emergency room visit since she has been home, but only for an ear infection as a result of teething, another sign of getting much stronger! Our family would have no idea where we would be today if you didn’t provide your absolute best care to our daughter! (And Kyri would have no idea what she would be doing without her sister!)

Thank you so much!

Jason, Beth and Kyri Marincel

P.S. The members of the Geek Squad provide amazing customer service and have provided our family with many memories that enlightened our stay at Children’s Hospital. They have no idea how much their positive attitudes and generosity mean to families in your facility. Sometimes a highlight of my day would be those five pictures I was able to print. They may think it is a simple act of kindness, but it’s the whole world to most in your facility!