Red Vest Review

Choosing Children’s: Stephanie Schoening

Schoening-Family“As the daughter of a doctor, I have felt very comfortable in a hospital environment, and at times I have even felt as if I am complete when I am at work. I can remember going on rounds with my dad as a little girl, and being amazed by all of the different professions. I remember feeling that my course in life would lead me to work in a hospital one day. My first experience in a hospital was being a candy striper, which I loved. I remember convincing the staff to let me start before the required age of 16! I went on to become a medical social worker, and worked in a trauma/orthopedic unit for two years here in the Minneapolis area before moving to Maryland where I worked in a long-term care center for another seven years.

My career was cut short when I went into premature labor with my first child. I was forced to quit work for bed rest until my daughter’s birth, six weeks early. I mention that she was born six weeks early, because I went into labor when I was only twenty weeks along. Given what I know now, we were very lucky, though what we went through was still very scary and difficult. I went on to have two other children, who were also born early. These experiences with premature labor and living away from home at the time, showed me yet another example of how wonderful it is to receive assistance and compassion from someone at a time of need. All of these personal experiences have led me to volunteering at Children’s Hospital today. I feel like it is a privilege and a gift to help a family that needs it, and the best way for a person like me, who has been lucky and fortunate, to pay it forward. Thank you for allowing me this privilege!”

Thank you for offering your time, patience, and compassion to the patients and families at Children’s!