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6-year-old boy’s first haircut becomes good deed

Last month, 6-year-old Odin Bergs decided it was time to say goodbye to his beautiful, blonde locks for the first time in his life.

But before he did this good deed, he raised support — a cheerleading section for his bravery of stepping into the hairstylist’s chair — and money online for Children’s Minnesota’s Cancer Kids Fund to help those “bravely fighting the biggest battles they may ever have to face in their lifetimes.” In a matter of days, Odin’s supporters generously donated more than $1,000.

While it’s just hair to many, to his mom, Sarah Bach-Bergs, Odin’s long locks carried the story of his life — reflective of her journey as a mom, she shared with donors. She remembered watching the hair grow throughout the years and feeling it close to her heart when she held him close; hair that saw both good days and bad days, she also wrote.

On March 18, Odin had 12 inches of his hair cut and donated to Wigs 4 Kids, which helps kids 18 and younger who suffer from hair loss due to cancer or other medical conditions. In solidarity, Sarah also cut 12 inches of her hair to be donated. Stylist Natalie Lovejoy, with Soapbox Salon, generously donated her services.

While it’s goodbye to hair, it’s hello to new beginnings. And it’s a reminder that something as ordinary as getting a haircut can be extraordinary.