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Choosing Children’s: Tom Hayden

Tom-HaydenNicole Louise Hayden was born on May 25th, 1973 to proud parents Tom & Kathy Hayden; 5 pounds, 3 ounces and a full head of dark hair. The youngest of three children, her life was sure to be filled with love and adventure. Unfortunately, her time on this earth was much shorter than planned; Nicole passed away on May 27th, 1973 due to hyaline membrane disease caused by her prematurity.

Proud she would be of the incredibly generous heart of her father, Tom Hayden. Tom, or ‘Grandpa Tom’ as known to many staff members, is a kind and dedicated man and volunteer. He began his service at the hospital soon after his retirement in 2008, and has given over 830 hours to date.

With grown children, six growing grandchildren, and ‘a soft spot in his heart for kids’, according to Tom, Children’s Minnesota seemed the most natural place to offer his time.  Soon after starting at Children’s, Tom found his place as the baby holder and comforter. He has a true gift for helping little ones settle, rest, and ultimately heal. No matter if a baby is two days or two months old, Tom provides that comforting touch, allowing little ones to do what babies do best: coo, smile, and rest!

Tom ends his weekly shift in our (Volunteer Services) office offering a brief overview of his day. The number of babies he held, the breaks he was able to provide to parents, etc. I ask him each week how his shift went, and he always replies ‘just the best’. Well Tom, we think YOU are just the best. Children’s is grateful for your service, and we look forward to your 1,000 volunteer hour landmark!