Red Vest Review

Red-Vested Rockstar: Senna El Bakri

Senna-El-BakriWhy she ROCKS?! “I have always loved working with children. I enjoy seeing their imagination and creativity in action. I also love having the opportunity to get a little goofy with them and join in on their fun. I am a graduated nursing student with an interest in pediatrics and I understand that the mental well being of the child in the hospital plays a big role in helping them get better. Knowing that I am helping these children forget about the IV lines and the monitors for a few hours and just focus on being a kid is incredibly rewarding.”

Favorite thing to do outside of volunteering? “In my free time I love to be on horse back. Riding horses is not only a hobby for me but it is also very therapeutic, I absolutely love it.”

Do you have any kids or pets of your own? “I do not have any kids but my family has a cat that my father rescued.”

If you could create a new candy bar, what would be in it and what would you name it? “My candy bar would have salted caramel and real raspberries in it. I would call it the “Northeaster” because I was born and raised in Northeast Minneapolis and we had some raspberry bushes in our backyard.”

Share a favorite volunteer experience or story “I had a lot of fun with a boy who was very excited to tell me all about the movie “The Avengers”. When he was done he insisted on making me some hot cocoa then asked if I could give him a foot massage. It was incredibly cute coming from such a young boy.”

Jenna Van Proosdy