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Life changing: My time with Children’s Minnesota’s Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council
Will Cohen (front) has been a member of Children’s Youth Advisory Council for the past three years.

Will Cohen

My experience as a patient at Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota inspired me to become a member of the Youth Advisory Council, a group comprised of kids who help influence and shape the work of Children’s.

For three years I’ve been a proud member of the YAC. Although words can’t do justice to how thankful I am for the program, I’ll try to describe its wonders and the life lessons I’ve learned. It took just one meeting for me to know that I had joined a special group. The atmosphere around the council is unparalleled, nothing but positivity, and it’s my favorite part about being a member. People are happy and ready to make the hospitals and clinics better places.

Each meeting is unique and full of opportunities to learn because each kid — current or former patients — has a story. Almost all YAC members have been treated at Children’s for serious conditions. During the first meeting of the year, members explain why they are on the council and describe the medical obstacles they have overcome. Some of the stories are eye-opening and remind me how grateful I am for my health. During meetings, we also take tours, meet people, including staff, and explore growing areas of the hospitals.

I owe the YAC and Children’s so much gratitude. My social and communication skills are better because I’ve been a part of the program. I’ll never forget when CEO Bob Bonar Jr. attended a meeting in January, one month after he started at Children’s, and had a conversation with each and every one of us as we introduced ourselves.

Most importantly, Children’s has made me a better person. When I make decisions for anything, I always think of the YAC. I treat people as they should be treated, with kindness and without judgment. I am more sensitive and respectful to people’s feelings, beliefs and opinions.

I have more empathy for people in need and feel the desire to extend my hand further daily to be more helpful.

I cannot forget the memories and lessons that I’ve gained throughout my years with the Youth Advisory Council. It has been an unforgettable ride, and I’ll always stay connected with Children’s. I am forever thankful for everything the YAC has given me.

Will Cohen is a recent graduate of Hopkins High School and will attend Kansas University this fall.