Red Vest Review

Red-Vested Rockstar: Molly Danahy

Molly-Danahy-squareWhy she rocks?! “I am currently a nursing student at St. Kate’s, graduating this May. I started volunteering because my dream job is to work in pediatric nursing. Spending time with pediatric patients never feels like a job to me.”

What is your favorite thing to do outside of volunteering?  “Outside of volunteering I like to spend time with family. I am also a huge movie buff, and I love going bowling with friends.”

Do you have any pets or kids of your own?  “I don’t have any kids or pets but I have always wanted a dog. Someday!”

If you could create a new candy bar, what would be in it and what would you name it?  “My candy bar would be pure chocolate and lots of it! I guess I would call it a ‘Mollybar’!”

Share a favorite volunteer experience or story “I’ve had so many great volunteer experiences at Children’s it’s hard to choose just one. Being able to play games and chat with the kids makes me feel like I make a difference and that’s what it’s all about. Every kid brings a special experience each volunteer day.”

Jenna Van Proosdy