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Back-to-school sleep tips: Getting kids’ sleep habits back on track

Karen Johnson, APRN, CNP

Summer is winding down, and the new school year is just around the corner. As we start to prepare students for going back to school, it is important to adjust to a regular sleep routine. Transitioning from a carefree summer schedule to a school schedule can be difficult. An adequate amount of sleep is beneficial to help your child be successful during the school day. Here are a few key tips that will to help your child ease into his/her school sleep schedule:

  1. About two weeks before school starts, begin to put your child to bed 15-30 minutes earlier and as well as waking him or her earlier; working toward a school wake time as the goal.
  2. Once the school sleep schedule is set, keep that same sleep-wake schedule seven days a week. Your child will be more alert and function better on a consistent sleep schedule.
  3. School-age children should avoid afternoon naps as this will disrupt the nighttime sleep schedule.
  4. No screen time 90 minutes before bed; this includes all electronic devices. The light from these devices keeps your child alert and awake at bedtime.
  5. Establish a relaxing and structured bedtime routine such as one to two books, a song and hug goodnight.
  6. Eat a healthy snack before bed and avoid caffeine.
  7. Make the sleep environment dark, comfortable and cool.
  8. Dim the lights in the evening before bedtime to promote sleepiness.
  9. Use bright light in the morning to wake easier: sunlight is the brightest source, so open the curtains and turn on a light.
  10. Provide your child with the opportunity to get the adequate amount of sleep to feel alert and refreshed for the school day.

Contact the Children’s Sleep Center at (651) 220-6258 for a sleep evaluation if you have concerns about your child’s sleep.

Karen Johnson, APRN, CNP, is a certified nurse practitioner at the Children’s Sleep Center at Children’s Minnesota.