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Team Superstars: Christine Cheung

Christy-CheungMotivated is one word you could use to describe Christine. A full-time employee with United Healthcare Military & Veterans as a business analyst and part-time employee as a home health aide, she finds time to squeeze in weekly volunteering at Children’s. Her ultimate goal is to become a Pediatric Oncologist, so volunteering in the Cancer & Blood Disorders Clinic seemed a natural fit. In her words, “I find such gratification in working with children, especially those that face physical/medical challenges. They don’t understand the strength they exude when they are able to smile or laugh through their pain.”

In addition to weekly volunteering, Christy is running in the Twin Cities Marathon as part of Team Superstars. She raised money for our organization as she believes in our mission and in our kids… the most amazing people on earth!

Check out her bio below:

“I am so thrilled for the opportunity to represent Children’s Minnesota as a part of Team Superstars in the 2015 Twin Cities Marathon!!!

Honestly, I am a bit nervous going into my training as this is only my second marathon and I am having to overcome a few injuries. However, I am more motivated than ever knowing that I am able to use my passion for running to support such a wonderful organization, amazing staff, and inspiring group of patients!!

The mission of Children’s is to promote the health of pediatric patients through high-quality, family-centered services, education, and research. I have personally witnessed this mission being carried out while working as a volunteer in the Cancer and Blood Disorders Clinic. Day after day, I watch as this exceptional staff goes above and beyond the responsibilities of their job for every patient and their family members. Care teams not only tend to the medical needs of their patients, but go out of their way to make children smile and laugh throughout their visit. Despite the medical hardships these patients are facing, I can tell they truly enjoy their time in the clinic, and it is because of the efforts of the staff!

However, the greatest of these motivators for me is (of course)… the patients! For those of you who don’t know me, several years ago I made the decision to pursue a career in medicine as a Pediatric Oncologist. Those of you who do know me definitely know that my life is dedicated to this goal, and I have been working hard towards it for a long time. Along this journey, I have experienced many aspects of medicine through work, volunteering, missions, and my education. While there are many things I love about this field, there is really only one that keeps me moving forward in this difficult process– seeing a joyful expression on the face of a child in the midst of receiving medical care. Even if it is just for a moment, there is something so uniquely inspiring about seeing a child forget about their physical pain and just smile or laugh… just be a child!!

Through volunteering at Children’s, I have now met a group of individuals who also understand what this looks/feels like and just how important it is to a child’s medical care! While I hope someday to be the one wearing the white coat.. I will settle (for now) supporting the kind-hearted and compassionate doctors/nurses of Children’s Minnesota by running this marathon!”

Becky Sonka