Red Vest Review

Choosing Children’s: Emily Snowberg

Emily-Snowberg“My connection to Children’s Hospital began in 1992 at the age of three, when I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. During my time as a patient at Children’s I can recall the doctors, nurses and other staff who made me feel special and able to forget for a time that I was sick. The volunteers were also a huge part of my experience. I can still visualize the reading cart passing my room and my mom reading books to me while I would get a shot so I wouldn’t be scared. I remember volunteers bringing a dog into my room and feeling so excited because I loved animals. I am so grateful for the care that I received and the support they provided to my family at that time.

When I entered high school I knew that I wanted to give back to the place that had given me so much. I hoped to use the things I had learned from my own experience with illness to be there for others.   I volunteered in the sibling playroom where I enjoyed having a chance to engage with kids and hopefully take some of the weight off their shoulders.

After high school I moved to Illinois for college and then to Madison, Wisconsin for graduate school. After eight years away, it was time to come home. Returning to Children’s immediately entered my mind. I chose Children’s again because I believe whole heartedly in the work that they do and am constantly impressed with all those who dedicate themselves to the families there. I am currently volunteering in the Perioperative unit. I am still getting settled there and look forward to the experiences and connections yet to come. “