Red Vest Review

Red-Vested Rockstar: Neda Khan

Neda-KhanWhy she rocks?! “I recently graduated with my bachelor’s degree from St. Catherine University and I plan to go to medical school. Coming into the Children’s Hospital volunteer program, I was looking forward to exploring the medical field. Volunteering here has given me the opportunity to grow within the community and gain knowledge of the hospital setting. This program has sparked my interest in exploring a future in pediatric medicine.”

Favorite thing to do outside of volunteering? “I am the oldest of 4 and I love being around my siblings and taking them out. Family means a lot to me and I try my best to spend time with them. Apart from spending time with my family, I love to paint, cook and bake in my spare time.”

Do you have any kids or pets? “Although I love pets I don’t have currently any. While volunteering at Children’s Hospital and seeing all the parents and their children has me looking forward to having kids of my own.”

If you could create a new candy bar, what would be in it and what would you name it? “It is hard to think of a new candy bar since there are so many delicious ones already out there. Maybe a hard candy center with the taste of mango and vanilla with an outer mango crème would be really tasty. I would call it Mango Delight.”

“Volunteering at Children’s has given me a lot of memorable and educational experiences. Seeing the staff connecting with their patients has been an amazing experience. For instance, I saw a doctor sing children’s songs like ‘the wheels on the bus’to a child, which helped them feel comfortable. Another time I saw a doctor draw pictures of the child’s favorite cartoon – ninja turtles – on the equipment to help a child feel at ease in the operating room. Seeing the staff make the extra effort for the children really inspired me and increased my love for the medical field.”

Becky Sonka