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Choosing Children’s: Sydney Mueller

Sydney Mueller-Choosing Childrens“For a three-year period, clinics and hospitals became a routine place for my family and me.  My brother was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was just three years old, I was eight at the time.  Throughout these seemingly endless visits, the most vivid memories I have are of Children’s hospital.  I remember not being as upset about going into the big building, because there was always something exciting waiting on the inside.  At Children’s it wasn’t just doctors and needles, it was activity books and dollhouses.  Along with these luxuries came the most invaluable prize of all, my brother’s health.  My family and I are so very grateful for the wonderful treatment and attention the whole family was given.  When Children’s healed my brother, they healed my family.

I am no longer eight years old and playing with dollhouses, instead, I play collegiate softball at the University of St. Thomas.  I am a freshman biology major and aspire to one day become a surgical physicians assistant.  I feel like I’ve found my place at the University and take advantage of the many STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) opportunities offered.  My passion is not exclusive to my academics and athletics; however, I have become very adamant about giving back to the hospital that gave us everything.  I currently volunteer at the welcome desk and it gives me great satisfaction to be able to be one of those people that helped my family and I to feel at ease.  I look at anxious families and I can’t help but think to myself, ‘I know how you feel, but you’re in a safe place, it will be ok’.  It is little things such as big smiles and stickers that can defuse a stressful situation for a child.  I would never wish a family to have to go to any hospital, but if or when they do, I pray they find themselves in the hands of Children’s Hospital.”