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The New York Times features Dr. Friedrichsdorf and the importance of pediatric pain management

For the past several years, Dr. Stefan Friedrichsdorf, director of the Children’s Minnesota Department of Pain Medicine, Palliative Care and Integrative Medicine, and his team have been leading the charge in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest to help change the way children in pain are treated. In an article for The New York Times, Dr. Friedrichsdorf explained how children’s pain often goes unrecognized and undertreated, and discussed the importance of pediatric pain management.
In the article, Children’s Minnesota patient Taylor Aschenbrenner and her mother Jodi recounted their experience with Dr. Friedrichsdorf and his team. When Taylor was eight years old, a roller-skating accident left her foot in severe pain that lasted more than a year, despite that there were no sprains or breaks to her foot. Dr. Friedrichsdorf recognized Taylor’s condition as complex regional pain syndrome, which causes pain signals to remain activated even after an injury has healed. Taylor’s care team at Children’s Minnesota developed a treatment plan that involved several unique pediatric pain management techniques, which helped relieve her pain almost immediately.
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