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Target helps Children’s Minnesota expand Vida Sana program

In Minnesota, 1 in 4 children is overweight or obese. And like too many health conditions, children of color are even more likely to face problems with weight and associated health concerns. Language barriers and the inability to afford quality health care often can result in a lack of knowledge about healthy food choices and insufficient access to nutritious food and safe recreational spaces.

Thankfully, a generous grant from Target Corporation will help Children’s Minnesota expand our Vida Sana program, a community-based wellness initiative that helps Latino families in Minneapolis improve their health and well-being free of charge. Vida Sana offers year-round wellness programming for kids and parents, including classes for things like food preparation, stress management and Zumba-style dance. It also provides a safe space for families to share their ideas, challenges and personal experiences.

As part of the program, Children’s clinicians connect kids with the Vida Sana program manager and community health worker, bringing health care and community engagement together. Funding from the grant will help us expand the program’s reach in the number of families served as well as building a more comprehensive and actionable well-being model for families.

Thank you, Target! Together we can help nurture stronger community ties, overcome barriers to wellness and inspire families to lead positive, healthy lives.

The grant from Target Corporation is part of its $40 million effort to help make wellness more affordable, accessible and inspirational. For more information about Target’s wellness initiative, visit or follow @TargetNews on Twitter.