Red Vest Review

Red-Vested Rockstar: Arunima Bhattacharya

ArunimaWhy she rocks: “My first true experience as a volunteer was when I traveled to India for a service trip in December 2014. While on that trip, I interacted with under-privileged individuals and was able to see how my actions were creating a positive impact on their lives. From that moment on, I have found so much joy and excitement in merely being able to share my time and my mind with others in order to make their life just a little brighter. So when it comes to volunteering, Children’s was a perfect fit!”

What is your favorite thing to do outside of volunteering? “Outside of volunteering, I am involved in FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition), which is something I enjoy a lot. I gain so many valuable life lessons and applicable knowledge from my experiences and interactions with other team members, and I value each and every moment I contribute to our team’s success.”

Do you have any kids or pets of your own? “Unfortunately, due to my mom’s fear of cats and dogs, I currently do not have a pet of my own. I’ve always loved dogs and have always loved the idea of having pet dog. Maybe it will happen sometime in the future!”

If you could create a new candy bar, what would be in it and what would you name it? “If I could create my own candy bar, I would call it a ‘Bananut’ and it would be a spherical Nutella/Chocolate shell filled with a banana-flavored filling, because that combination of flavors is one of favorite!”

Share a favorite volunteer experience or story: “As a volunteer, I have definitely had the opportunity to experience many new and amazing things. One experience that I will hold close to my heart was when I visited a patient towards the end of my shift. About 30 minutes of my shift remained, and I was called to give company to a patient. Not knowing how much I could do in that short timeframe, I headed down to at least sit next to her and provide a smile. Little did I know I was about to spend the next 30 minutes chatting away with her like she was an old friend. As a volunteer, this experience made me feel the importance of my job; it helped understand the importance of a friendly companion and laughing smile during a difficult time. This is just one experience out of many that has changed how I view what I do as a volunteer!”

Jenna Van Proosdy