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Meet the Stark Family: William Today

At six months old, William Stark began the final leg of his journey, undergoing surgery to remove the lung lesion that was detected in utero. William’s procedure was led by Dr. Joshua Short, pediatric surgeon at the Midwest Fetal Care Center. After a few short hours, doctors and surgeons successfully removed the large mass that had formed on William’s lungs. Following his procedure, William remained in the hospital but was back at home with his parents after a few short days of recovery. Aside from a few small scars on his chest from where doctors made the incisions, you would have a hard time knowing William had had any surgery at all. Today, William is an active and healthy baby who loves to sleep, eat and keep Sarah and Kyle on their toes.

William is not expected to have any long-term effects following his congenital pulmonary airway malformations (CPAM) removal thanks to the expertise of his extensive care team at Midwest Fetal Care Center. “The biggest help through this whole process was having consistent care with a really wonderful team of people,” said Sarah.

Watch the video below to see William’s progress today.

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