Back to school tips from the Diabetes Educators

Back to school time is approaching quickly and can be hectic! When you are checking off your school supplies list, don’t forget about your diabetes checklist too!

  • Diabetes care orders for school—call/message the Diabetes Educators to request a school form if your child hasn’t been seen since June 1st

Set up a time to meet with the school nurse or health aide to discuss:

  • times to test BG
  • who will be testing BG and administering insulin
  • how BGs will be communicated with parents
  • where BG meter/insulin/low BG treatment snacks will be kept at school
  • frequency of sending diabetes supplies to school
  • clear expectations between school, parents, and child on who will do what and whether supervision is needed—an example of a 504 Plan can be here
  • a plan for field trips, class parties, before/after school programs, and for when nurse/health aide is unavailable

Back to school also includes fall activities! Meet with your new coach, play/band director, or other activity leader to discuss having access to all diabetes supplies (meter, insulin, pump/sensor, carbs, etc) while at the activity and to make sure there will always be someone available to assist with hypoglycemia treatment if needed.

We hope you have a great 2017-2018 school year!

Erin Roehl