The new McNeely Teen Diabetes Clinic

Managing diabetes during adolescence can be particularly difficult. Unfortunately, national data and our own clinic data show a worsening of diabetes control with a concerning rise in HbA1c values during teenage years. There is evidence in the literature that increased contact with teens during this challenging time can help improve diabetes control. In efforts to provide more support for our teens, we will open the McNeely Teen Diabetes Clinic in October 2017.

The Teen Diabetes Clinic is a unique team set up to care for teens and young adults with diabetes.  The Teen Diabetes Clinic, held weekly, is devoted to seeing only adolescent and young adult patients. We will provide multidisciplinary care in and out of the clinic  to focus on the importance of self care and diabetes management for teens. Patients must be age 12 years or older to be scheduled in the teen clinic.

The Teen Diabetes Team

The clinicians on the Teen Diabetes Team include Jayne Chatterton, PNP, Dr. Laura Gandrud, Carrie Leach, PNP, and Dr. Ewa Oberdorfer. The team also includes consistent diabetes educators, dietitian, medical assistant, and access to pediatric gynecology and psychology services.

How Teen Diabetes Clinic is Different

We will be addressing issues unique to teens and young adults with diabetes; our goal is to identify and routinely discuss the challenges related to diabetes management in adolescence and young adulthood. We have a specific curriculum of education that will be presented at clinic appointments.

One of the most exciting changes is that with the Teen Diabetes Clinic there is also structured support outside of quarterly clinic appointments. We will work  with our teens to upload and review data, and touch base between scheduled appointments.

How to Enroll in the Teen Clinic

Have a conversation with your diabetes care provider to discuss if this would be a good fit for your family! Or schedule your next appointment in the clinic to check it out; appointments can be scheduled at 651-220-6818. In the Teen Diabetes Clinic, the clinic staff is consistent; you will only see one of the four teen clinic staff clinicians. At this time, we are offering this programming at the Woodbury clinic only but we hope to expand the Teen Diabetes Clinic to other locations in the future.

To Learn More, Join Us at Teen Prep Academy!

Teen Prep Academy is a new class that offers information specific to diabetes management during adolescence:

  • insulin changes with puberty
  • transition and supervision of diabetes cares
  • other opportunities during adolescence

Parents and their teen are encouraged to attend. More info about Teen Clinic will be presented during the Teen Prep Academy. Leave a message for the Diabetes Educators—651-220-6624—to sign up today!

Thursday August 31—6:30-8 p.m. in St. Paul (Gardenview Building, 4th Floor)