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Gender Health Program begins seeing patients

The Gender Health Program at Children’s Minnesota begins seeing patients on April 22 to provide comprehensive care for youth who identify as transgender or gender-diverse. Children’s joins only about a dozen hospitals in the nation with a program dedicated to providing specialized care and support for youth and their families.

The Gender Health Program is staffed by a team of gender health experts. They include pediatricians focused on gender health care, pediatric gynecologists and endocrinologists. The clinical lead is Christopher Dunne, MD. Also on staff are Kylie Fowler, MD, Melinda Pierce, MD and Angela Kade Goepferd, MD, Medical Director.

Despite healthcare efforts to address health disparities, there are still communities experiencing inequities and need additional help, including transgender youth. Children’s offers compassionate and personalized care, including a variety of services that will support transgender and gender-diverse youth in their health and development.

The services provided include: gender consultation with patients and families, mental health assessments, treatment and support along the journey.

The program is located within Children’s Minnesota Minneapolis pediatric clinic so care is integrated with other programs.

Laura Stokes