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What should you consider when sending your kids to camp?

Kids at campSchool is out for the summer and that means kids’ summer activities are starting! The highlight of the summer for many is attending summer camp. Are you and your child prepared for camp? Below we walk you through what you should consider when sending your kid to camp.

When can your child go to sleepaway camp?

Kids older than 8 years old may be interested in a sleepaway camp, where they stay away from home for a week or longer. It can be quite the adventure, but it is also something you want to think about talking over with your child. Some children wait until they’re a little older – like 11 or 12 – before taking this step. Older kids may be more ready to be away from their homes and parents.

Sun safety.

Camps oftentimes hold their activities outside under the sun. While the outdoors are always fun, kids should be prepared with sunscreen, cool clothes and hats when playing outside. Sunscreen will be helpful for the areas of their skin that can’t be covered and hats will be able to shade their faces. Learn more about our sun safety tips here.

Water safety.

Some summer camps are on one of the many lakes or have a pool to offer you kids. While taking a dip in the water can be refreshing and fun, it’s important you child also stays safe while doing so. Here are 13 water safety tips to talk through before your child goes to camp.

Prepare your child for bug bites and ticks.

Ticks are extremely common here in Minnesota so, it’s important your child knows how to check for ticks and other bug bites when they are away at camp. Here are nine things to know about Lyme disease and other tick-transmitted diseases so, you can be prepared if your child finds a tick and they can be too.

Make sure their vaccinations are up to date.

It’s important to make sure your children are properly vaccinated before camp. Kids should have their tetanus shots up to date just in case of a fall, scrape or bite. In addition, getting the MMR vaccine for measles prevention is critical as well. Immunizing your children is the best way to protect them from vaccine-preventable diseases, like the measles.

If you and your child follow these tips, you can ensure they have the best summer camp experience!

Alexandra Rothstein