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How to stay hydrated while enjoying the sunshine

father and son playing basket ballThe sun is beating down and your children are running around outside having fun. With all that fun in the sun, it’s extremely important to remind your kids to drink water, especially on hot days.

But parents may ask: how can I make sure my kids are getting enough water throughout the day?

“The truth is, the amount of water kids need to drink varies greatly on any given day,” explains Dr. Natalie Rigelman-Hedberg. “There’s no magic amount of water to strive for because each child’s individual needs depend on their age, body size, health, activity and the weather.”

Read on to learn more about how to ensure your children drink enough water as the weather heats up:

  • Drink throughout the day: It’s easy to drink something with meals, but kids should also drink water throughout the day, especially when they feel thirsty. On a warm or humid day, your kids may need to drink more frequently.
  • Don’t forget the water bottle: To be sure your children get enough water, bring your own water bottle to sports practices, games or any other activity where they will sweat. Kids can’t play their best if they’re thinking about how thirsty they are, so make sure they drink water before, during and after they play.
  • Mix it up: Drinking water isn’t the only way to hydrate the body. Any fluid will contain water, but water is the best choice. If your kids don’t like the taste of water, you can jazz it up with some fruit slices or a splash of juice. Parents should avoid giving their kids too many sugar sweetened beverages such as soda and sports drinks. Eating fruits and vegetables can help kids stay hydrated, too!

Dehydration, when they body does not have enough water, can get in the way of summer fun and make kids feel really sick. As the weather heats up, be sure to keep water bottles handy to fight dehydration so their fun in the sun doesn’t have to be put on hold.

Kaitlyn Kamleiter