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15 must-do’s at the Minnesota State Fair, according to our pediatrician

If you’re planning a trip to the Great Minnesota Get-Together, you might not think to ask a pediatrician what events and activities you should hit while you’re there. But Dr. Christine Hills, a pediatric cardiologist at Children’s Heart Clinic, is a Minnesota State Fair expert. Dr. Hills attends the fair daily for 12 days straight, even if it’s just to grab breakfast on the way to work.

Check out Dr. Hills’ top 15 State Fair activities before planning your trip to the fair.

  1. Try something new! This year, Dr. Hills will go down the big yellow slide for the first time and she also entered a baking competition!
  2. Learn more about livestock, egg production and veterinary science at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center.
  3. Try the Milk Run 5K for some exercise, or cheer on the participants.
  4. Visit the Agriculture Horticulture Building to see some of the biggest vegetables, live bees, flowers and more.
  5. Get your heart rate up by going on one of the many rides or go in a haunted house.
  6. Learn about dairy farming and meet a dairy princess at the Princess Kay Butter sculptures in the Dairy Building.
  7. Eat food on a stick. Dr. Hills recommends a healthier choice like corn on the cob or pickles.
  8. Talk to a politician about important pediatric advocacy issues.
  9. Take a rest by riding the Skyride and get a great view of the fair.
  10. Stay hydrated at the All you Can Drink Milk booth.
  11. Learn more about Minnesota farming and where food comes from at the Kemps Farm.
  12. Use music as therapy by checking out a Grandstand show or other stage performance.
  13. Look out for people you know. Have a contest if you are with others to see who finds more people they know, you never know who you may run into!
  14. Share the fair by bringing a bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies home for friends and family or to work to share with your colleagues.
  15. End your fair day with a bang by watching the nightly fireworks.
Dr. Hills and Fairchild
Dr. Hills and Dr. Valusek
Kaitlyn Kamleiter