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Kendall’s cancer journey

Just eight days after Kendall’s 5th birthday, her family’s world was flipped completely upside down.

Kasey and Justin noticed that their 5-year-old daughter, Kendall, began to complain of leg pain, experience frequent nosebleeds and simply wasn’t acting like herself. She even fell asleep at her own birthday party! They knew that something wasn’t right, so they brought Kendall to a doctor, who advised them to bring her to Children’s Minnesota right away.

Arrival at Children’s Minnesota

Once at Children’s, the family received devastating news: Kendall had acute B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia.

“We found ourselves on the pediatric cancer floor where we struggled to hold ourselves together,” said Kasey. Kendall’s care team took the time to explain everything about her diagnosis, and they answered the family’s many questions during this journey.

Starting her journey

KendallEvery parent wants the best for their child. In the face of a terrifying diagnosis, Kendall’s parents knew they needed to make sure they got her the best care possible in a place where she felt comfortable. And her care team at Children’s made sure of that. Some of Kendall’s favorite things, pet therapy visits, art projects and more, are funded through the Cancer Kids Fund.

“Although the last five months of this journey have been anything but easy, we are looking forward to her end-of-treatment date of September 2021,” remarked Kasey.

Kendall is still in the middle of her unique journey; however she is ready to take the world by storm! She is ready to meet new friends as she starts kindergarten and dance in the fall.

“While it’s truly scary facing this cancer journey, along with so many other families affected by childhood cancer, we know we’ll get through it alongside her awesome care team at Children’s,” Kasey explained.

About the Cancer Kids Fund

Children’s provides both the best medical care for our patients as well as exceptional supportive services to help families. The Cancer Kids Fund allows patients and their families to access wrap-around services, including visits with child life specialists, psychologists and physical therapists, that might otherwise be out of reach.

Cancer and Blood Disorders program

Children’s is home to the largest pediatric cancer and blood disorders program in the Upper Midwest and has extensive experience treating kids with serious medical conditions. Through it all, we always remember that each patient is someone’s child with their own unique journey. Our community of donors is at the foundation of everything we do. Together, with your gift, we can continue to bring world-class healthcare to every child who comes through our doors. Please renew your support today and help all our young patients fighting cancer and other serious illnesses.

Kaitlyn Kamleiter