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Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal features in-depth interview with Children’s Minnesota CEO

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal sat down with Children’s Minnesota President and CEO Dr. Marc Gorelick for an in-depth interview about his vision for Children’s Minnesota, changes in the health care system and why he loves working in pediatrics.

“We know that the health care system is currently unsustainable. We know that we need to think differently about how we provide care and how we get paid for care… so we can keep kids healthier, take care of them when they’re sick but do it in the most efficient way possible,” Dr. Gorelick said in the interview.

On why he chose pediatrics, Dr. Gorelick added, “When I was in medical school, I was trying to decide what to do. I did my pediatrics rotation and I just had so much fun. Kids are amazing. I think a lot of things in the world would be better if we acted more like kids. We have a lot to learn from them. I just love being with them and their optimism, their sense of wonder, everything about them is just incredible to work with.”

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Dina Elrashidy