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Preparing your child for a spooktacular Halloween

Halloween is a great time for kids to use their imaginations and creativity. The possibilities are endless! An entire day where they can be whatever or whoever they want to be? Who wouldn’t be excited!

But Halloween can be overwhelming for kids as well as for parents who are preparing their kids to have a safe and fun time. We’re sharing some tips on how to prepare your children to have a safe and spooktacular Halloween.

Picking the perfect costume

When purchasing or making a costume, it’s important to pay attention to the accessories. Soft and flexible costume accessories can prevent injuries. And instead of using a vision-obstructing mask to complete the look, use non-toxic face paint and makeup.

Have your child try their costume on before trick-or-treating or attending a Halloween party to ensure it fits properly and they are comfortable, and be sure to leave enough time to adjust the costume. Too-long pants, dresses or capes can be a tripping hazard. You should also make sure that your child can wear warm clothing under or over their costume so they will stay warm on a chilly autumn evening. Consider adding reflective tape or eye-catching stickers to costumes and candy bags for an added layer of visibility and safety.

Kids in Halloween costumes

It’s especially important for children with sensory sensitivities to try their costume on before Halloween so they can understand how it will feel when they wear it. Your child doesn’t need to wear the costume exactly as it’s packaged. You can and should alter it to make them feel comfortable.

Getting ready to trick or treat

Before setting out to trick or treat, practice important phrases like “trick-or-treat,” “please” and “thank you” so your child feels prepared for the at-the-door interactions, which can be challenging for young or shy children. It can also be helpful to stick to visiting houses that are already familiar.

Make sure to talk with your child about staying on the sidewalk. Yards can be dangerous in the dark because of uneven surfaces, unanticipated branches on the ground and wire fences. Cars and streets can pose a danger, as many costumes can be difficult to see in the dark.

My child has food-related allergies, how can I make sure they are safe while trick or treating?

If your child has a severe allergy, consider calling neighbors, friends and family members before Halloween to ask them to have allergen-free treats available. You can also provide them with candies or treats that are safe for your child so that they have something to hand to them.

Look for houses that have a teal pumpkin outside. These houses are offering allergen-free treats!

Kaitlyn Kamleiter