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Team from Children’s Minnesota attends annual International Fetal Medicine and Surgery Society meeting in Switzerland

A team of providers from the Midwest Fetal Care Center (MWFCC) and Children’s Minnesota went to Switzerland to represent the organization at the International Fetal Medicine and Surgery Society’s (IFMSS) 38th annual meeting in Switzerland from Oct. 22-26. The IFMSS is dedicated to developing and advancing the field of fetal diagnosis and therapy, and this meeting is a place where experts from around the globe can gather to share research, insights and expertise.

At the IFMSS meeting, four Children’s affiliates, Saul Snowise, MD, maternal fetal medicine specialist and fetal interventionist; Lisa Howley, MD, director of the fetal cardiology program at Children’s; Stephanie Eyerly-Webb, PhD, a scientific investigator with MWFCC; and Pamela M. Velasco, BSN, RN, manager of fetal care program, shared their expertise on a variety of topics relating to maternal fetal medicine.

Children’s and MWFCC presentations:

Dr. Snowise presented “Preliminary outcomes of membrane stabilization in early intervention fetoscopic laser treatment of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome,” during a session about twins.

Dr. Howley, along with Emanuela Valsangiacomo, chaired the fourth conference session, which hosts presentations and discussions about fetal heart conditions.

Tam from Children's Minnesota in front of mountain in switzerland

Velasco presented and participated in a panel discussion, “Infrastructure, resources and successes of fetal centers: The 5-10 year experience” during the session sponsored through the Fetal Therapy Nurse Network (FTNN).

Dr. Eyerly-Webb presented “Fetal abdominopelvic cystic masses: A single center natural history and outcomes,” during a conference session on abdominal wall, gastrointestinal and urology conditions, and “The fetal care center patient journey: understanding the needs of our patients” in the miscellaneous topics session.

Kaitlyn Kamleiter