Children’s Minnesota experts in the news

Children’s Minnesota experts were featured in a variety of news segments across broadcast, print and online media. The below are highlights of coverage. Read or watch the following to get the latest insights from our experts.

Washington Post: Some patients with vaping-related lung injuries are being hospitalized a second time

Many teens who have been hospitalized for vaping-related injuries have told doctors that they used vaping as a way to feel less stressed and anxious. Some teens even use vaping THC products to help them sleep. Dr. Anne Griffeths, pediatric pulmonologist at Children’s Minnesota, explained that doctors are missing an opportunity to intervene when they send patients home after treating lung injuries without addressing mental health concerns.

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KARE11-TV: Catching up with Clara: 3 years after open fetal surgery for spina bifida

In honor of Spina Bifida Awareness Month, we revisited our patient Clara Carlin’s story three years after she and her mom underwent the first open fetal surgery in Minnesota at the Midwest Fetal Care Center. Dr. Joseph Petronio, director of pediatric neurosurgery for Children’s and lead neurosurgeon on the fetal care team discussed Clara’s case with KARE 11.

KSTP-TV: Kids are ‘super spreaders’ of flu, now is time for everyone to get vaccinated, health experts say

Patsy Stinchfield, senior director of infection prevention and control at Children’s, explained that all children over the age of 6 months should receive an influenza vaccination before the end of October because they can spread the flu virus for 24 hours before they show any symptoms. The best way to keep kids healthy this winter is to get a flu shot, and to do so every year.

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WCCO-TV: Young Bloomington athlete Jimmy Trenary not letting spina bifida hold him back

Jimmy Trenary doesn’t let Spina Bifida hold him back from playing sports like any other 12-year-old kid. He is one of many patients who have received new neurosurgery procedures in the last decade, which have reduced the number of times these patients need to have surgery in their lifetimes.

MPR: Anxious about shots? Here are 5 tips for ‘ouchless’ injections

When asked about the worst pain experienced during a medical visit, Children’s patients and their families overwhelmingly said needles. This is why Children’s partnered with parents and caregivers to implement the Comfort Promise. Dr. Stefan Friedrichsdorf, medical director of the Department of Pain Medicine, Palliative Care and Integrative Medicine, shared more about the comfort promise with MPR news.

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WCCO-TV: Children’s Minnesota chief medical officer on vaping dangers

Dr. Emily Chapman, chief medical officer at Children’s, joined WCCO-TV to talk about the dangers of vaping, and what is happening to teens’ lungs after vaping. She also shares how parents can talk to their children, including kids as young as elementary school, about vaping to help them understand why vaping is a dangerous habit.

WCCO-TV: How to talk with your kids about STIs

The CDC recently reported that cases of sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) reached an all-time high in the United States in 2018. Because it can be an uncomfortable topic for parents to discuss with kids and teens, Dr. Gigi Chawla, chief of general pediatrics, shared more about STIs and gave parents tips to navigate this conversation.

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Screen grab of Fox 9 article about the mother daughter nursing duo being honored by March of Dimes

FOX9-TV: March of Dimes honoring Minneapolis mother-daughter nursing duo

A mother-daughter nursing duo at Children’s is being recognized for their work by March of Dimes. Kathy and her daughter Mariah were both named top five finalist in the state of Minnesota for Excellence in Nursing. Kathy has been employed at Children’s Minneapolis hospital for 33 years, and Mariah has worked at the same hospital for three years. Congratulations to both!

Minnesota Monthly:Keeping Babies Healthy: A Q&A with Dr. Gigi Chawla

In Minnesota Monthly’s newest publication, the Baby Guide, Dr. Gigi Chawla, chief of general pediatrics at Children’s, answered the burning questions on parents’ minds about managing their baby’s health. She touched on topics including vaccinations, check-ups, at-home remedies for sick babies, choosing the right daycare for your child and advice for new parents.

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Screen grab of Infectious Disease Advisor article about neonatal pneumonia

Infectious Disease Advisor: Expert Q&A: Neonatal Pneumonia

Respiratory distress affects up to 7 percent of full-term newborns and represents one of the most common reasons for admission to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Dr. Lia Gravari, a neonatologist at Children’s, provided her expert insights about neonatal pneumonia, one of the leading causes of neonatal respiratory distress, to Infectious Disease Advisor.

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