Children’s Minnesota experts in the news

Children’s Minnesota experts were featured in a variety of news segments across broadcast, print and online media. The below are highlights of coverage. Read or watch the following to get the latest insights from our experts.

Looking back on 2019

As we wrap up 2019 and look forward to the new year ahead of us, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our successes from the year. Over the past 12 months, we told remarkable stories of our patients and their families, our care providers and staff, and the amazing work done by those in the community that make everything we do here at Children’s Minnesota possible.

We were included in 5,870 stories throughout the year which reached people across the country, and we are excited to share the top stories with you. This year, we increased our share of voice by 30 percent when compared to local pediatric providers Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare and the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, claiming 65 percent of the total market voice.

Congratulations and thank you to all for spending another year serving the most amazing people on earth—kids.

New York Times: Dozens of young people hospitalized for breathing and lung problems after vaping

Throughout August, Children’s was among the first health care systems to link severe pediatric lung injuries to vaping. Local and national media called on us for our expertise.

This year, our pediatric vaping experts were part 2,054 stories, reaching people across the nation.

Mpls.St.Paul Magazine: Transphobia is hazardous to your health

In April, Children’s announced the launch of an exclusively pediatric, multidisciplinary Gender Health Program. Joining only about a dozen other hospitals in the nation, this program is dedicated to providing specialized care and support to transgender and gender non-conforming youth and their families.

After launching the innovative program, Children’s secured 179 stories about gender health.

WCCO-TV: How often should kids go to the doctor, even if not sick?

Year after year, Children’s pediatric experts continue to share their knowledge through weekly broadcast segments on WCCO-TV and a quarterly column in Minnesota Parent Magazine.

Throughout the year, our pediatric primary care expertise was highlighed in 49 stories.

WCCO-TV: ‘Cancer Sisters Bond’: Teenage student-athlete has partner in lymphoma fight

This year, media shared the vital work of Children’s Foundation and highlighted how donations help us do what we do best: Take care of kids.

The amazing work of Children’s Foundation appeared in 508 media stories this year, which is a 78 percent increase from 2018.

New York Times: Taking the pain out of children’s shots

In January, Dr. Stefan Friedrichsdorf, medical director of the Department of Pain Medicine, Palliative Care and Integrative Medicine, spoke with the New York Times about Children’s hospital-wide commitment to reducing or eliminating needle pain. In the second article in a series of four, Dr. Friedrichsdorf explained the four pillars of the Comfort Promise and shared the success Children’s has seen with this program and how it helped reduce fear and pain experienced at the pediatrician’s office.

Pioneer Press: Insulin-assistance plan bogged down as self-imposed deadline looms

Minnesota Senator Tina Smith met with doctors, diabetes experts and family members of children with diabetes at Children’s Pediatric Diabetes Center to learn more about skyrocketing insulin prices. Sen. Smith introduced a bill launching a study about the medical consequences of unaffordable insulin.

Star Tribune: Seeds of measles outbreak in Minnesota are just a plane ride away

There was a resurgence of measles around the globe in 2019. Outbreaks and cases were reported in 22 states. Patsy Stinchfield, senior director of infection control at Children’s, offered advice to parents who were concerned about traveling with children younger than 12 months.

KARE11-TV: MN toddler among handful of babies to survive in-utero tumor removal

KARE11-TV shared the touching story of Alexa Mendoza, a toddler who was one of only about a dozen babies in the world to survive a rare open-fetal surgery to remove a tumor. Dr. Joseph Lillegard, research director at the Midwest Fetal Care Canter and pediatric surgeon, spoke on Alexa’s case, explaining that Children’s is one of few hospitals across the country able to perform this complex procedure.

KARE11-TV: Kids in car seats: Why experts say why you should take off their winter coats first

Bundling up during the cold months is second nature, but you might not know that too many layers could be dangerous for children in car seats. Safety experts say car seat straps must be tight in order to work properly and thick winter coats can often get in the way. Dr. Gigi Chawla, chief of general pediatrics, spoke about car seat safety during the wintertime.

Becker’s Hospital Review: Children’s Minnesota CEO Dr. Marc Gorelick’s top piece of advice: Don’t underestimate the power of appreciation

Dr. Marc Gorelick, president and CEO at Children’s, was featured in an interview with Becker’s Hospital Review. He discussed his proudest moments since joining Children’s, key challenges in pediatric medicine and his vision for care delivery in the next 10 years.

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