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Children’s Minnesota staff explain personal protective equipment through song

“Protect you. Protect me. We’ll protect our whole community. With the proper use of PPE, we’ll all be safe and strong.”

At Children’s Minnesota, our first priority is protecting our patients, their families and staff, which is why we have increased the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) at our hospitals and clinics. But PPE can be scary to kids who have never received care from someone wearing a face shield or worn a surgical mask themselves. That’s why our staff joined together to create a song and music video to put kids’ minds at ease when they see care teams wearing PPE.

Writing the song

The surgery and anesthesia teams at Children’s Minnesota recognized that it was alarming to kids and their families to see care teams in full PPE. Our child life specialists had also heard from families that were concerned about how to prepare their kids for what they may see at the hospital. Creating a video would help kids see what to expect in an engaging, relatable way. Music therapists were quickly brought in to the project to write and perform the song so that it would meet the therapeutic goals.

The teams worked together to create a video that explains what PPE is and why it shouldn’t be scary. They utilized techniques that help kids understand a new concept.

Kids learn best by comparing a new concept with something they are already familiar with, so the team tied the idea that many professions, like firefighters and construction workers, wear protective equipment while working made the concept of PPE a lot easier to understand.

Two music therapists wearing surgical masks record the PPE song.
A behind-the-scenes photo of music therapists recording the music for the PPE music video.

The music is embedded with repetition, which helps the brain receive and retain information. Additionally, the music sets an upbeat and engaging tone that offsets the weight of everyone’s collective anxiety and draws you in to engage with the topic.

Making a music video

The format of the video was meant to entice kids without looking like a structured lesson. Also, by showing staff in different stages of progressive PPE, kids can see that is still the same person under all of their safety-wear who still have their own unique personality and sense of humor.

Staff from all over the hospital recognized the importance of helping kids understand PPE and willingly contributed as dancers with choreography meant to highlight the theme of staying safe and strong.

Star Studio’s video professionals helped pull all of the parts together into the finished product.

The impact

Families have been asking for ways to prepare their children for changes they might see. While things will continue to change, this video lets kids see that there is a purpose for the PPE that benefits everyone. It also shows them that they can expect to see different types of PPE used, but they all have the same goal: Protection.

We are incredibly grateful for the creativity, talent and commitment of everyone here at Children’s Minnesota. They went above and beyond the call of health care workers to quickly bring the video from an idea to a complete learning tool. This video is a creative and timely solution to a very new problem and demonstrates that amazing things can come from working together toward a common goal.

As one of the largest pediatric providers in the country, people expect that we understand kids better than anyone else. This video illustrates our staff’s expertise perfectly.

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