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New Employee Resource Support Centers support Children’s Minnesota employees during COVID-19

Children’s Minnesota employees now have access to several new Employee Resource Support Centers (ERSC), providing a safe space to decompress and lean on resources being offered by Child and Family Services during the intense time of the COVID-19 outbreak.

As all of our employees continue preparations for the continued impact of COVID-19, both in their roles at Children’s Minnesota and in their personal lives, many are likely feeling a lot of stress and uncertainty. To provide an outlet to pause and check in on themselves and each other, employees have access to the new support centers in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Both locations are staffed 24/7 by Child and Family Services staff and offer the following services, resources and amenities in a calm and soothing environment.

As of April 15, nearly 1,000 employees have visited the ERSC – proving that these centers are essential for our employees during this time.

How the ERSCs help Children’s Minnesota staff

Engage in the space

  • Employees can utilize the space offerings to center themselves and take a break from hospital or home demands.
  • A Child Family Services facilitator will offer employees:
    • Live Mindfulness Sessions: 10-minute sessions that will help them focus, release tension and reset for improved well-being.
    • Participate in prerecorded mindfulness exercises (on-demand or via iPad apps).
    • Listen to on-demand recorded sessions on a variety of topics: Maintaining your composure during the coronavirus outbreak, tips for reducing stress, working from home (with kids at home), and more.
    • Trauma webinar series with topics including: The impact of trauma, reaching my limit, reaching out for help, and more.
    • Soothing music.
    • Aromatherapy (sticks are pre-made and sent with employee).
    • Assistance initiating a call with Solutions to Thrive Staff (24/7 offered).
    • Massage chair/pad in collaboration with the Infection Prevention team.
    • Donations of snacks and fresh coffee in collaboration with the Infection Prevention team.

Take resources to go

  • Customized to-go self-care bag.
  • Access to additional resources:
    • Clinical / resource support.
    • Chemical health support.
    • Ideas for at home, indoor and outdoor activities.
    • Spiritual care support.
    • Relaxation resources.

At Children’s Minnesota, we’re all in this together. We believe that when we take care of ourselves, we are better able to take care of others.

Alexandra Rothstein