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Nurses of Color Employee Resource Group donation drive gives back to community

A donation drive organized by the Children’s Minnesota Nurses of Color (NOC) employee resource group (ERG) has wrapped. Through the generosity and goodwill of individuals throughout the Children’s Minnesota Minneapolis and St. Paul hospital campuses, the ERG was able to collect boxes upon boxes of goods to give back to the community.

Among these donations were:

  • 400+ diapers.
  • 70+ packs of baby wipes.
  • 80 rolls of toilet paper.
  • 125 soaps/bottles of body wash.
  • An abundance of baby food, laundry detergents, canned goods, oral hygiene products and more.
The Children’s Minnesota Nurses of Color (NOC) employee resource group (ERG) organized a donation drive in which 400+ diapers, 70+ packs of baby wipes, 80 rolls of toilet paper and more were donated to help the local community.

The NOC ERG donated primarily to the People’s Library, who have been distributing through Mutual Aid at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, as well as Felicia’s Pop Up.

“We were overwhelmed by the amount of donations given by our colleagues,” said Sherry Franklin, RN and chair of the NOC ERG. “We did not expect to have multiple car loads of supplies to donate; we’re incredibly grateful for the support.”

The organizations were so appreciative and impressed by the way Children’s Minnesota answered the call, the NOC ERG has had organizers reach out for information to implement drives at other institutions.

We would like to thank everyone who shared and participated in this donation drive! You have truly made a difference in the community during these especially difficult and uncertain times.

Alexandra Rothstein