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Children’s Minnesota employees and patients send donations and hope to soldiers in Africa

Part of our employees’ nature is to care for others – it’s at our core. When Joy Johnson-Lind, senior director of child and family services at Children’s Minnesota, saw a Facebook post from her high school friend Lieutenant Colonel Chip Rankin, she knew she wanted to help.

Lt. Col. Chip Rankin is the Task Force Commander leading a peace-keeping mission in the Horn of Africa with more than 900 soldiers. These soldiers are called the Task Force Bayonet.

He put out a social media request to support his soldiers. These soldiers give up everything – their family, friends and so much more to serve. Chip asked for letters, art and care items to be sent to his soldiers during the holiday season.

In addition, part of their peace-keeping mission will involve soldiers visiting orphanages and local villages that need any and all items related to hygiene and basic needs, including play items and toys for the kids.

How Children’s Minnesota is giving back to soldiers in Africa

Children’s Minnesota joined together to send over 100 bags filled with Children’s Minnesota items to send to the soldiers for them to bring to the orphanages and villages they visit. In addition, we sent seven boxes filled with items, including school supplies, toys, socks and more! Once the COVID-19 restrictions lift, the soldiers will be able to bring the donations they receive.

Letter-writing campaign

In addition, we held a letter-writing campaign at Children’s Minnesota with our patients and employees to send support and hope to the soldiers in Africa.

We sent over 100 letters, cards and art to the Task Force Bayonet and the children in orphanages and villages.

Alexandra Rothstein