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Children’s Minnesota PA brings personal experience to caring for girls and young women with bleeding disorders

Children’s Minnesota Physician Assistant (PA), Skye Peltier, PA-C was featured in a recent issue of HemAware magazine. In the article – How Women in the Bleeding Disorders Community are Fighting for Change – Skye, who has factor VII deficiency, was one of six women who shared their personal stories of living with bleeding disorders while giving advice and offering support to others with similar conditions.

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In the article, Skye also talks about how her own experience lead her to a career in health care and influences how she cares for her patients. As a PA in The Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders at Children’s Minnesota, Skye often finds herself caring for girls and young women. She knows the right questions to ask her patients, helps them advocate for themselves and encourages them to find supportive resources such as apps to monitor their menstrual cycles.

She also mentions the Children’s Minnesota Teen Hematology Gynecology Program where patients can see both a pediatric gynecologist and pediatric hematologist in the same appointment.

“The combined hematology and gynecology clinic at Children’s is an amazing collaboration between specialties. This clinic brings care for young women with bleeding and clotting disorders to the next level, allowing young women to live life to the fullest,” said Skye.

To reach clinicians in The Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders Program and/or the Teen Hematology Gynecology Program, call Children’s Minnesota Physician Access at 866-755-2121. If you would like to schedule an educational presentation for your clinical team simply email the Children’s Minnesota Speakers Bureau.