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New multi-specialty Stroke Clinic at Children’s Minnesota

Launched at the beginning of 2020, Children’s Minnesota Stroke Clinic provides comprehensive care for patients with history of stoke, acute post-event evaluations and long-term management. Our multidisciplinary approach combines the expert specialists all in one visit to meet the needs of each child: hematology, neurology, neurosurgery, social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Our team has developed expertise in research and clinical trial design/methodology and can offer patients opportunities to participate in international studies while receiving clinically advanced and relevant care.

Meet the Stroke Clinic providers


Erika Wexler, MD,  pediatric neurologist with specialty training in stroke

Garland, Kate

Kate Garland, MD, pediatric hematologist

Halvorson, Kyle, MD 2018

Kyle Halvorson, MD, pediatric neurosurgeon

These resources are available for clinical teams:

  • ED Suspected Stroke clinical guideline: Created to standardize the evaluation and management of suspected stroke.
  • COVID Clots podcast: Hematology specialist Dr. Garland talks about what we know about clotting in kids with COVID, which kids are most vulnerable, and which kids, and at what ages, should be put on thromboprophylaxis to prevent clotting complications.
  • “Clinic Referral Stroke” order set: Developed and available within Cerner to assure seamless transition of care.


Contact information

Children’s Minnesota Stroke Clinic
347 N Smith Ave STE 302
St Paul, MN 55102
Call (651) 220-6705 for appointments, or:

Call Children’s Minnesota Physician Access at 866-755-2121 for 24/7 assistance questions, referrals or admissions.

Stephanie Hoff