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Tenth annual Nursing Professional Development Conference

The Professional Development Council presents: REACH for Inclusion, Innovation, & Inspiration

Join us for this virtual conference designed to expand nursing knowledge, skills and abilities in the care of transgender patients, nurse resiliency skills, and how nurses apply innovation principles to practice.

May 5th 10:00 am – 2:00 pm: Uncovering Hidden Voices (3.3 CEUs)

Nurses will uncover hidden voices by learning how to improve care for transgender & gender diverse kids and how to find their nursing voice after recognizing their human side first and what to do if they’ve lost that voice.

Topics and Presenters:

  • Angela Goepferd
    • Centering on the Margins: Improving Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse kids
  • Cat Golden BSN, RN
    • Using Your Voice as a Human First
    • Translate Your Natural Voice and Tone to Nursing
    • What to Do when You’ve Lost Your Voice

May 17th 10:00 am – 2:00 pm: Nurses as Innovators (3.0 CEUs)

Nurses will be presented with ideas that challenge the status quo, push boundaries, and learn how to achieve growth by applying innovation principles to practice.

Topics and Presenters:

  • Tim Raderstorf, DNP, RN
    • Nurses as Innovators
    • Pitch Perfect
    • Taking Your First Steps
    • Digital Escape Room
Stephanie Hoff