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James C. Burroughs II joins Children’s Theatre Company to talk about racial injustice

I’m excited to announce I have been invited to join the Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) on Saturday, March 19, 2022, for a post-show conversation after their play, “Something Happened in Our Town.”

About the play

“Something Happened in Our Town” is a book written by a biracial team of child psychologists – Marianne Celano, PhD, ABPP; Marietta Collins, PhD; Ann Hazzard, PhD, ABPP – and published by the American Psychological Association. This play is based on the book.

CTC will be performing “Something Happened in Our Town” from Feb. 27 – March 27, 2022. Here’s more about the play from CTC’s website:

James Burroughs

“Friendships challenged, a world changed, and two young people struggling to make sense of it together.

Josh and Emma are best friends and neighbors. They love jumping on the trampoline and joking with Emma’s uncle Manny. But when a Black man is killed by a police officer, Emma and Josh have questions about what happened, and why. Layered with compassion and humor, this show invites you to walk alongside Josh, Emma, and their families as they confront uncertainty within their town and amongst themselves.”

About the post-show conversation

After the play is over, I will participate in the post-show conversation, using my expertise to discuss the play, my reaction to it and racial equity. The goal of the discussion is to help the audiences, both young and seasoned, to learn more about our community, process the play, build connections and build empathy.

Get tickets

Get tickets to “Something Happened in Our Town” here.

James Burroughs

James Burroughs
Senior vice president, government and community relations, chief equity and inclusion officer

James Burroughs is the senior vice president, government and community relations, chief equity and inclusion officer at Children's Minnesota. He is responsible for advancing equity and inclusion in all parts of the organization.
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