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Children’s Minnesota physicians recognized as Top Doctors by Minnesota Monthly

MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL – Children’s Minnesota is proud to congratulate 177 physicians who were recognized as 2022 Top Doctors by Minnesota Monthly magazine. The 2022 list includes hundreds of physicians from the Twin Cities in dozens of specialties.

The annual list was determined by a survey of thousands of licensed doctors in the Twin Cities, based on a list provided by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. Physicians are asked to name three doctors they would recommend if a family member needed medical care. Physicians who received the highest number of votes comprise the list.

The 2022 Top Doctors list can be found in the Sept./Oct. issue of Minnesota Monthly magazine and published online.

Manar Mohammad Sharif Abdalgani, MBBS

Jennifer Abuzzahab, MD

Robert Acton, MD

Nanette Aldahondo, MD

Matthew Ambrose, MD

Jason Anderson, MD

Sundeep Arora, MBBS

Kiran Belani, MD 

Anne Bendel, MD 

Catherine Bendel, MD 

Mark Bergeron, MD 

Gary Berman, MD 

Micah Berman, MD 

Susan Berry, MD 

Bryce Binstadt, MD 

Deborah Bohn, MD 

Richard Bransford, MD 

Danielle Bullock, MD 

Bryan Cannon, MD 

Jason Carroll, MD 

Christopher Carter, MD 

Chandra Castro, MD 

Kristina Catrine, MD 

Keith Cavanaugh, MD 

Frank Cetta, MD 

Nicole Chase, MD 

Gigi Chawla, MD 

Sivakumar Chinnadurai, MD 

Srinath Chinnakotla, MD 

Melissa Clark, MD 

Megan Clinton, MD 

Stephanie Contag, MD

Colleen Correll, MD 

Caleb Creswell, MD

Charles Crutchfield, MD

Harley Dresner, MD

Sarah Dundee, MD

Themistocles Economou, MD 

Michael Edzards, MD 

Mark Eikenberry, MD 

William Engel, MD 

Nissa Erickson, MD 

Karin Evan, MD 

Stella Evans, MD

Kylie Fowler, MD 

Stephanie Fritch Lilla, MD 

Laura Gandrud Pickett, MD 

Kathleen Garland, MD 

Kathryn Gehrig, MD 

Kristin Gendron, MD 

Thomas George, MD 

Andrew Georgiadis, MD 

David Gesensway, MD 

Geoffrey Getnick, MD 

Sogand Ghassemi, MD 

Angela Kade Goepferd, MD 

Mark Gormley Jr., MD 

Nathan Gossai, MD 

Patrick Graupman, MD