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Children’s Minnesota’s DEI team receives honorable mention for the 2023 Winds of Change award

Children’s Minnesota congratulates our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) team for receiving an honorable mention for the 2023 Winds of Change Award presented by The Forum on Workplace Inclusion.

According to The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, its Diversity Awards committee selected Children’s Minnesota based on how our DEI team:

  • Demonstrates sustained support of workplace diversity.
  • Raises awareness of workplace diversity issues.
  • Serves as a catalyst for change for workplace diversity or impacted change within an industry, organization or community.

Children’s Minnesota prioritizes DEI throughout our entire organization – from the c-suite on down. As part of our commitment to DEI, our pediatric health system:

  • Enhanced staffing from 19% people of color (POC) in 2019 to at least 24% in 2022 – our goal is to reach 34% by 2024.
  • Improved from 0% POC on our executive leadership team to 30% over a two-year span.
  • Offers staff ID badge hang tags with preferred pronouns.
  • Launched a Health Equity Council focused on practices that eliminate health disparities, prevent emotional harm among our patients and employees, provide implicit bias training, and look at interpersonal relationships among employees that may impact health outcomes.
  • Implemented a supplier diversity strategy that identifies diverse businesses and creates opportunities for those companies to work with Children’s Minnesota.

Children’s Minnesota will be formally recognized as an honorable mention for this year’s Winds of Change Award during The Forum on Workplace Inclusion’s 2023 Diversity Awards. The ceremony on March 29, 2023 is part of the DEI organization’s 35th annual conference in Minneapolis.