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Children’s Minnesota expands inclusive patient clothing with modest hospital gowns 

To ensure inclusive and culturally-sensitive care for all pediatric patients, The Kid Experts® and Henna & Hijabs – a Minnesota-based and Black-, Muslim-, woman-led company – are joining together to embark on a new frontier: a new modest pediatric hospital gown. 

Children’s Minnesota is one of the first U.S. hospital systems to offer the modesty gown specifically designed for children. 

A group of diverse patients in the new modesty gowns

“As part of our mission to champion the health needs of all kids, Children’s Minnesota is committed to providing equitable and inclusive care through every aspect of a family’s experience, right down to the medical gown kids wear during their stay at the hospital,” said Dr. Emily Chapman, chief medical officer and senior vice president of medical affairs at Children’s Minnesota. 

What are modesty gowns?  

The new modesty gowns, designed by Henna & Hijabs founder and CEO Hilal Ibrahim, will allow medical care teams to provide necessary care while giving pediatric patients the appropriate modest coverage through intentional design features. 

“Many kids spend a long time at the hospital and it’s important that we provide all patients with culturally-sensitive and inclusive clothes that meet our medical standards,” said Dr. Chapman. “Our hope is that this serves as a model for other health systems and care providers.” 

The modesty gowns include sleeves that are 3/4 length, a detachable hijab component and a closure that can be worn either front- or back-facing to give providers and patients flexibility. This also still allows providers to easily provide crucial care, including access to IVs, ports and more. 

Health care provider putting in an IV on a patient with modesty gown on.

The gowns were created in partnership with Henna & Hijabs and the consultation of Children’s Minnesota pediatric clinicians and patient families. 

Who are the modesty gowns for? 

Though designed with Muslim patients in mind, these gowns are available to any pediatric patient at Children’s Minnesota. 

The new gowns will begin as a pilot in March 2024 and will then roll out to all Children’s Minnesota patients. 

Why are modesty gowns needed? 

For centuries, women and girls around the world have worn hijabs, and today, 43% of the Muslim population in the United States regularly embraces this practice. However, the availability of hygienic hijab options in medical settings, for both providers and pediatric patients, has been limited. 

“Health care is one of the most personal – and important – parts of our lives. Through our collaboration with Children’s Minnesota, our aim is to help patients and their families feel seen and understood in those moments,” said Hilal. 

A patient in a hospital bed wearing a modesty gown

Continued equity and inclusion work at Children’s Minnesota 

This is just the latest example of inclusive initiatives by Children’s Minnesota.  

In the summer of 2023, Children’s Minnesota began offering head caps and hijabs to patients. Children’s Minnesota also offers hair care products made for children with various textured hair, after receiving input from patient families looking for more inclusive options.  

About Henna & Hijabs and their work 

Henna & Hijabs was founded by Hilal Ibrahim to address the lack of access Muslim women face in finding sustainable and fashionable hijabs in both retail and health care settings. 

Henna & Hijabs previous milestones include the world’s first ever medical-grade hijab for health care workers (launched in 2019), first-ever warehouse worker-safe hijabs (launched in partnership with a major employer in 2023) and one of the first luxury hijab collections to be sold at a major U.S. retailer. 

Alexandra Rothstein