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03/07/2013   (PDF)CEA, CSF

06/06/2013   (PDF)IgG Index, CSF
06/17/2013   (PDF)Beta-2 Transferrin, Body Fluid

10/24/2013   (PDF)Lactate, CSF

03/04/2014   (PDF)Triglycerides, Fluid
03/17/2014   (PDF)Body Fluid Count and Differential
03/17/2014   (PDF)Cytology for Malignant Cells
03/17/2014   (PDF)CSF Count and Differential
03/17/2014   (PDF)Hematocrit, Fluid
03/18/2014   (PDF)Smear for Eosinophils
03/19/2014   (PDF)Albumin, Fluid

09/16/2014   (PDF)Sweat Chloride
09/17/2014   (PDF)Protein, CSF
09/17/2014   (PDF)pH Fluid by Meter

01/20/2015   (PDF)Creatinine, Fluid
01/20/2015   (PDF)Glucose, CSF
01/20/2015   (PDF)Amylase, Fluid
01/21/2015   (PDF)Glucose, Fluid
01/21/2015   (PDF)LDH, Fluid
01/21/2015   (PDF)Protein, Total, Fluid
01/21/2015   (PDF)Sodium, Fluid
01/21/2015   (PDF)Potassium, Fluid

02/02/2015   (PDF)Occult Blood, Gastric

08/03/2015   (PDF)Cholesterol, Fluid
08/19/2015   (PDF)AFP, CSF
08/19/2015   (PDF)Electrophoresis, Protein, Body Fluid
08/19/2015   (PDF)HCG Beta-Subunit, CSF

12/07/2015   (PDF)Amino Acids, CSF
12/07/2015   (PDF)Chorionic Gonadotropin, Beta Subunit, CSF

01/28/2016   (PDF)Neurochemistry for Neurotransmitter Diseases, CSF

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